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Mahindra Roxor: A Rugged Off-Road Beast

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The Mahindra Roxor isn’t your typical vehicle; it is a rugged off-avenue application automobile designed to address the toughest terrains and offers unrivaled adventures. Since its introduction through Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) in 2018, the Roxor has captured the hearts of off-road lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. This 4×4 off-avenue beast boasts commercial-grade production, a dependable 2.5L, four-cylinder turbo diesel engine, and an extremely good three,490 lb. Towing potential, making it a powerhouse for off-road adventures.

One precise factor of the Mahindra Roxor is its strong resemblance to conventional off-avenue automobiles, reminiscent of the long-lasting Willys Jeep. In truth, its front-quit layout led to a lawsuit from Jeep in 2019, resulting in a refreshed search for the Roxor. Despite the legal challenge, the Roxor keeps impressing with its functionality and durability, staying authentic to Mahindra’s background of producing robust vehicles. In this text, we will delve into the exciting features, history, and off-road prowess, giving you comprehensive expertise of this off-avenue legend.

So, whether or not you are an off-street fanatic, a farmer in want of a reliable workhorse, or truly someone who craves outdoor adventures, it is a call really worth understanding. Join us on a journey through the arena of this amazing off-road vehicle and find out why it has turned out to be a symbol of rugged exploration and dependable performance.

History of Mahindra Roxor

It is a 4×4 off-road utility vehicle manufactured by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) since 2018. It was designed as a rugged, Jeep-inspired vehicle specifically for the North American market. However, it faced legal challenges from Jeep regarding its design, leading to some changes and relaunches.

It was initially designed as a Jeep-inspired off-road vehicle but faced legal challenges due to its design similarities with the Jeep. However, Mahindra made design changes to comply with copyright laws and relaunched the Roxor in the North American market.

Old is Gold with a Modern Touch

It is a contemporary vehicle that embodies the classic spirit of off-roading. With its rugged design and spectacular competencies, it is like a blast from the past added into the prevailing. Here are a few key records and figures that illustrate how the Roxor combines the old and the brand new:

Classic Design:

Its classic design is a nod to the legendary Jeep, an iconic off-avenue car from the beyond. This antique-stimulated appearance captures the essence of undying fashion and journey, attractive to lovers who admire the rugged charm of traditional off-roaders. The Roxor’s outside functions include squared-off traces, spherical headlights, and a distinguished grille, paying homage to the Jeep’s iconic layout. This traditional design will not only pay homage to the Jeep but also make the Roxor immediately recognizable as an image of off-street history. 

The Roxor’s traditional design isn’t pretty much aesthetics; it’s a deliberate desire to hold the spirit of traditional off-roading. While modern-day SUVs frequently prioritize smooth and aerodynamic shapes, the Roxor proudly embraces its boxy, utilitarian appearance. This design philosophy aligns with the perception that off-street cars must prioritize capability and sturdiness, paying homage to a generation whilst simplicity and sturdiness have been paramount. 

Enthusiasts who select the Roxor no longer only get a successful off-street car but also a chunk of automobile records that keeps rousing the adventurous spirit of the past. 

Modern Performance:

Beneath its classic exterior, It boasts modern performance capabilities. The heart of the Roxor is its 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine. This engine combines the great of each world, supplying extraordinary electricity and efficiency. It gives the torque wanted for off-avenue adventures while maintaining fuel efficiency for a reliable and price-effective use revel. 

The Roxor’s cutting-edge powertrain guarantees that it may tackle a variety of terrains and challenges comfortably. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or sandy dunes, this engine promises the overall performance wanted to triumph over boundaries. Additionally, the Roxor’s drivetrain alternatives, including a 2-velocity transfer case and full-floating axles, enhance its off-avenue prowess, allowing it to address numerous conditions. 

For fans, the Roxor’s modern performance way them to experience the benefits of superior engineering without sacrificing the conventional off-avenue enjoyment they cherish.

Impressive Towing Capacity:

One of the surprises of the Mahindra Roxor is its exceptional towing capacity, which stands at an impressive 3,490 pounds. This functionality sets it aside from many other off-avenue automobiles and makes it a sensible workhorse. Despite its antique look, the Roxor is more than able to haul heavy masses and trailers, making it a great desire for both leisure and work-related duties. 

The Roxor’s strong production contributes drastically to its towing prowess. Its steel frame and chassis offer the energy and durability needed to take care of large masses without compromising safety or performance. Whether you are transporting devices, resources, or leisure tools, the Roxor’s towing ability guarantees you can get the task done efficiently and correctly. 

This mixture of classic design and cutting-edge towing capacity makes the Roxor a versatile and dependable choice for those who need a rugged vehicle for both painting and play. 

Durable Construction:

It is famous for its durable construction. It boasts a sturdy metallic body and chassis, which can be motive-constructed for enduring the hardest situations. This metallic foundation now presents not only the simplest electricity but also terrific durability, ensuring that the Roxor can resist the pains of off-road adventures and harsh environments. 

The metallic body and chassis combination provide the automobile’s usual ruggedness, making it a dependable partner for off-avenue lovers. Whether you are navigating rocky trails, splashing via mud, or encountering challenging boundaries, the Roxor’s strong creation is designed to rise up to the check. It’s a testament to Mahindra’s dedication to growing a vehicle that could take at the most harsh terrains and come out unscathed. 

Off-Roading Capabilities:

When it comes to off-roading, the Mahindra Roxor shines. Its design and engineering are tailor-made for tackling rugged terrain without difficulty. The Roxor is prepared to move slowly over obstacles, climb steep inclines, and navigate hard landscapes without breaking a sweat. Its off-roading abilities are an end result of carefully engineered features, along with a strong suspension machine, enough floor clearance, and dependable 4-wheel-pressure talents. 

Whether you’re exploring challenging trails within the desolate tract or traversing rocky paths in remote areas, the Roxor’s off-roading prowess guarantees that you could, with a bit of luck, conquer various landscapes. It’s a vehicle that embraces the spirit of the journey and is well-geared up to take you wherein general vehicles dare no longer assign. 

All-Weather Reliability:

Its reliability extends beyond off-roading challenges; it excels in diverse climate situations, making it a versatile choice for 12 months of spherical use. Whether you’re facing sizzling warmness, heavy rain, snow, or icy situations, the Roxor proves its mettle by providing reliable overall performance. This all-weather reliability is a testament to its robust engineering and layout.

No matter the season or weather, the Roxor stays a steadfast accomplice, ready for your outside adventures. Its capability to perform continuously in unique weather scenarios ensures that you can enjoy your off-roading experiences without demanding approximately unfavorable situations. With the Roxor, you may discover the exquisite exterior 12 months round, making it a really perfect choice for those who are trying to find adventure in any weather.

What About Accessories and Trims

It is available in specific trims, providing alternatives to healthy, diverse options and wishes. Here’s a breakdown of the trims and some accessories for the Mahindra Roxor:

Base Model:

Price: The base version generally begins at around $20,599. However, prices may also vary depending on extra accessories and customization.

Features: The base version presents the essential functions and competencies of the Roxor, making it a stable choice for off-street enthusiasts. It comes with a 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine generating 62 hp and one hundred 44 feet-lb of torque.

Customization: Owners can personalize their base version of Roxor by way of adding numerous add-ons.

All-Weather Trim:

Price: The All-Weather trim gives additional capabilities and begins at about $28,739.

Features: This trim is ready for extra tough weather situations. It consists of functions like a complete cab enclosure with heating and defrosting, windshield wipers, and snug seating.

Utility: The All-Weather trim is ideal for individuals who plan to use their Roxor in a wider range of weather situations.


Mahindra offers a number of accessories to beautify the Roxor’s competencies and look. These encompass:

Winches: For bringing pulling energy and recovery in off-road situations.

Bumpers: To defend the automobile and offer mounting options for accessories.

Lighting: Additional lighting fixtures options for advanced visibility in the course of nighttime-time or low-mild adventures.

Roof and Windshield: Accessories like roofs and windshields may be introduced for extra comfort and protection.

Suspension Upgrades: Lift kits and suspension enhancements for stepped-forward off-roading overall performance.

Specs and Features 

LIGHTINGStandard Halogen Headlamps
WHEELS & TYRESWheels: 16″ – 5 x 5.5 lug
Rear Tyre: 235 / 70R16
Front Tyre: 235 / 70R16
BRAKES & SUSPENSIONRear Suspension: Leaf Spring w/ Shock Absorbers
Front Suspension: Rigid Leaf Spring w/ Stabilizer Bar
Rear Brakes: 11″ Drum
Front Brakes: 9″ Disc
CAPACITYFuel Tank Capacity: 45.4 litres
Number of Seating Rows: 1 Rows
Seating Capacity: 2
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHTKerb Weight: 1376.65 kg
Ground Clearance: 228.6 mm
Wheelbase: 2438.4 mm
Overall Height: 1905 mm
Overall Width: 1574.8 mm
Overall Length: 3759.2 mm
ENGINE & TRANSMISSIONDrivetrain: All Wheel Drive
Maximum Towing Capacity: 1583 kg
Turbo Charger: Not specified
Compression Ratio: 18.6:1
Number of Cylinders: 4
Engine Details: M2DiCR
Maximum Torque: 195.2Nm @ 1400-2200 rpm
Maximum Power: 62HP @ 3200 rpm
Number of Gears: 5-Speed Manual
Gearbox Type: Manual
Engine cc (Displacement): 2523 cc
ARAI Mileage (Certified): 12.50 kmpl
Fuel Type: Diesel
Battery72Ah / 12v
SummaryThe Mahindra Roxor is a U.S.-exclusive utility vehicle based on the Thar platform, positioned in the ATV segment. Manufactured with a focus on the American market, it’s exclusively available through Powersports dealerships. The North American division of Mahindra is planning to expand the customization options for this vehicle. It boasts standard 4WD and is equipped with a 2.5L M2DiCR engine generating 62HP. The Roxor’s top speed is limited to 72 kmph.
FrameBoxed Steel Frame

Pros and Cons


Off-Road Prowess: It is designed for off-road adventures and excels in rugged terrains, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and farm use.

Robust Build: It features durable and sturdy construction, ensuring it can withstand rough conditions and continue performing reliably.

Diesel Engine: The Roxor comes with a dependable 2.5L turbo diesel engine, providing ample power and torque for off-road driving and towing.

Impressive Towing Capacity: With a towing capacity of 3,490 pounds, it can handle hauling equipment and trailers with ease.

Classic Design: The Roxor’s vintage-inspired design pays homage to classic off-road vehicles, making it visually appealing to those who appreciate retro aesthetics.

Customization Options: There are various customization options available, allowing owners to personalize their Roxor to suit their preferences.


Not Street-Legal: The Roxor is not street-legal for regular roads in the USA, limiting its use to off-road trails and private properties.

Jeep Lawsuit: The Roxor faced legal challenges related to its Jeep-inspired design, leading to design changes to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Hefty Price Tag: The starting price of the Mahindra Roxor can be relatively high, starting at $15,999.

Limited Seating: It typically offers seating for two passengers, which may not be suitable for larger groups or families.

Basic Safety Features: While it may have basic safety features, it may not offer the same level of safety as modern on-road vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency: Due to its off-road capabilities and powerful engine, the Roxor may not be as fuel-efficient as smaller, on-road vehicles.


Who is Mahindra?

Mahindra is an Indian automotive manufacturer known for generating rugged automobiles, including the Roxor. They have a reputation for durable and reliable designs.

What is Roxor?

The Roxor is an off-avenue automobile synthetic by using Mahindra. It’s designed for adventures and off-road use, with a sturdy construction and powerful engine.

Is Roxor Street legal?

No, the Roxor is not a street felony to be used on American roads. It’s meant for off-road adventures.

What are the important things about off-street functions?

The Roxor is equipped with functions like four-wheel drive, sturdy suspension, and off-avenue tires to handle rugged terrain successfully.

Can I customize my Roxor?

Yes, there are numerous customization options available for the Roxor, permitting you to customize it to your preferences.

What is the towing potential?

The Roxor has a massive towing ability, making it appropriate for hauling systems and trailers throughout off-street adventures.

How is Roxor coping with difficult terrain?

The Roxor excels on difficult terrain, showcasing its sturdy construct and off-road abilities, providing a smooth and controlled journey.

What protection functions does it have?

The Roxor may also exhibit primary protection capabilities; however, it is primarily designed for off-road use, lacking the same safety features as conventional on-road vehicles.

Is it usable for farm work?

Yes, the Roxor’s rugged design suits it for farm use, earning it the frequent recognition as a farm counterpart to the Mahindra Thar.

Is there ready availability of spare components?

Spare elements for the Roxor must be available through authorized dealers and carrier facilities, making sure you hold your automobile.

Is it easy to maintain?

Maintaining a Roxor is commonly trustworthy, and regular maintenance will ensure its sturdiness and toughness.

What is the predicted lifespan of a Roxor?

The lifespan of a Roxor can range primarily based on utilization and protection; however, with the right care, it could close for many years of off-street adventures.

Is it usable in excessive weather conditions?

The Roxor’s strong design allows it to deal with intense weather situations, making it appropriate for diverse climates and terrains.


It stands as a testament to rugged off-road capability and adventure. Introduced by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA) in 2018, this 4×4 off-road utility vehicle has made its mark in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. Its strong design, dependable 2.5L turbo diesel engine.

Despite legal challenges related to its Jeep-inspired layout, the Roxor has persevered to thrive. It gives a unique combination of antique off-avenue aesthetics and modern-day overall performance. While now not street-legal for everyday roads inside the USA, it has discovered its niche as a lifestyle car for use on private farms.

For folks who admire the decision of the wild and the joys of off-road exploration, It stays an icon of rugged dependability. Its background and abilities make it a worthy associate for all people looking for outside adventures and farm paintings alike. With the Roxor, the spirit of exploration and adventure is aware of no bounds.

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