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2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R Specs and Features

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Do you imagine yourself getting up on the wildest roller coaster ride? Ok, meet the 2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R – it’s not an off-road machine; it’s a total badass! Just imagine yourself fastening into a superhero ride that is custom-engineered to exceed all the barriers with a unique flair. Such an ATV is not a regular sidekick; the super-smart engine is just like a genius teammate, the handlebars are adjustable to find just the right fit, and the body is as adaptable as a superhero’s costume. 

Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience in the wild with your new ally, this Yamaha quad, which is not only a ride but rather an exhausting adventure into the realm of sophisticated off-road excitement!

2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R – Features and Specs

Engine Specifications

The 2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R buying guide and features a robust 449cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke engine, symbolizing its powerhouse. The “449cc” denotes its capacity, comparable to the engine’s power output. “Liquid-cooled” ensures effective temperature regulation, akin to a cooling fan on a hot day. “DOHC” (Double Overhead Cam) acts as the engine’s cognitive control, managing its intake and exhaust processes. The “4-stroke” mechanism signifies the engine’s four-step power generation.

Exploring further, the engine incorporates 5 titanium valves, akin to efficient doors for air and fuel intake/exhaust. The “Bore x Stroke” of 95.0mm x 63.4mm defines the engine’s spatial dimensions, while the “Compression Ratio” of 11.8:1 optimizes power output by compressing the air-fuel mixture effectively. Fuel delivery is managed through Yamaha Fuel Injection, ensuring precise fuel amounts for optimal performance.


It boasts impressive dimensions. Its “Length” spans 70.7 inches, akin to measuring a classroom or desk, emphasizing its elongated form. The “Height” stands at 41.9 inches, resembling the measurement of a bookshelf, indicating its substantial vertical presence. 

Although specific “Width” details are unavailable, envision it as the ATV’s width, akin to measuring a door’s width. These dimensions collectively underscore the ATV’s substantial size and power, priming it for formidable off-road escapades.

Adjustable Handlebar for a Perfect Fit

Its handlebar offers a personalized touch, similar to adjusting a bicycle’s steering wheel. It provides flexibility with multiple adjustment points, allowing riders to tailor their position to perfection. With options like setting it 10mm forward, 20mm forward, or 10mm backwards, finding the ideal fit is effortless. This customization ensures that the ATV feels just right for every rider.

Advanced Frame for Super Strength

Moving on to its frame, the ATV’s skeletal structure combines lightweight aluminum and steel components. The steel under the engine acts as a robust spine, providing strength and low placement for optimal balance. The aluminum segments function like interconnected ribs, creating a durable structure comparable to a resilient LEGO construction, ready to tackle any adventure.

Durable, Rigid Wheels for a Smooth Ride

Wheels are like the shoes of the ATV, and it has some special ones. The wheels are designed to be strong yet lightweight. It’s like having shoes with a special design to be tough but not heavy. The wheels are also made to absorb bumps on the road, just like shoes with good shock absorption. It’s all about making sure the ride is not just powerful but also smooth and comfortable!

High-Performance Shocks for Jumping Fun

Now, let’s dive into the shocks – the magic springs that make bumps feel like tiny jumps. The front shocks are like the ATV’s legs, longer for a bigger jump. They are coated with something called Kashima™ to make sure everything moves smoothly. With 9.8 inches of wheel travel, it’s like having a trampoline under the ATV for those exciting jumps on the track!

Race-Ready Ergonomics for Comfortable Riding

Ergonomics might sound fancy, but it’s all about how comfortable the ATV is to ride. Imagine it’s like customizing your gaming chair for the perfect gaming experience. The body is designed for racers to move around easily. The seat is like a comfy chair – narrow in the front for agility and wide and padded in the rear for long races without getting tired.

Swingarm Rear Suspension for Smooth Landings

The rear part of the ATV called the swingarm, is like the tail. It’s crafted from strong aluminum to handle all the ups and downs of the terrain. It’s matched with a special shock that you can adjust, like fine-tuning your favorite video game settings. With 11.0 inches of travel, it’s like having a super cushioned seat for smooth landings after those big jumps!

Wide Footpegs and Maxxis® Tires for Stability

Footpegs on the Yamaha YFZ 450R are placed where you place your feet, and for that machine wide-foot pegs are used – like having really wide platforms for your feet to land on. It is like using a wide range of step-type movements to stay balanced. In the same way, the wheels are wide, just like making sure that the skateboard or your bicycle when turning, sits stable. 

Tires from the Maxxis® brand are the popular kind of tires that a sports car has – with this kind of grip and control. It’s more than just the lightning; it’s all about stability and control, to ensure it can conquer any track or off-road adventure without any difficulty!

Powerful Brain: The blocked head.

Take the Yamaha YFZ 450R’s cylinder head as an example of smart and strong (it is the brain of an ATV). The engine consists of a 449cc engine which uses the know-how of a titanium five-valve cylinder head. 

It makes me feel as if I were to have five powerful switches which can be pulled to increase or decrease the engine power. This boosts up the ATV’s power profits even from the downhill at the beginning and maintains the peak speed when needed. We can say that it acts like an enchantment ring for your favorite video game which is constantly giving you energy for the play.

Cool Body Armor: Attacking Different Body Lines

Suppose that its body is its hot equipment. Sculpturing is made for convenience and style. They are like fancy skates, which play a quick mean of riding fast despite sharp turns. The chair might have been padded here and there, areas that matter most, like having a soft cushion for your voyages. Another incredible thing about this car is the easy take-off of the body panels without tools. When you make the body panels off, it is amazing like the superhero’s costume being taken off for quick fixes.

Easygoing Clutch: Assist and Slipper Clutch

Let’s discuss the clutch-the one which helps change gears without getting any jerk. An assist-and-slipper clutch has been employed in it. It is as if you have a magical helper on board that makes the movements of shifting gears easier. 

Another thing that this clutch does is that it takes too long to get tiresome, and thus, you can enjoy pressing the buttons on your video game controller. Moreover, it aids the faster turns, bringing the engine’s braking effect down – it’s like pressing a secret button that makes you drift through the corners so smoothly!

Smart Fuel Delivery: Air Injection

Injecting fuel can be compared to the ATV’s ability to transform and move. It has Yamaha fuel injection (YFI); it’s a perfect system that uses the fuel for the highest power. It’s like acquiring the properties of the superpowers to lift those heavy barbells. It also offers the convenience of starting up the ATV even when it is cold, just like turning on your backbone that does not spoil its function.

2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R Specs

Engine Type449cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 5 titanium valves
Bore x Stroke95.0mm x 63.4mm 
Compression Ratio11.8:1 
Fuel DeliveryYamaha Fuel Injection 
HorsepowerApproximately 38-40 HP 
Top SpeedUp to 75 mph 
Suspension SystemFront: Independent double-wishbone; Rear: Cast aluminum swing arm 
Fuel SystemFuel-injected 
Key FeaturesTechnologically advanced, quick-revving, titanium-valved, and fuel-injected 
User ManualEnglish manual with 148 pages for detailed guidance 
ReviewDetailed specs and review available 


What’s 2024 YFZ 450R’s price?

Its price is around $10,599. Claiming an award-winning V.1 DNA with a serious racing pedigree, it is the level-topping, race-ready Sport ATV for those who want to be number one.

Does it use 4 strokes?

And you just might wind up bitten hard and forget all about camping or recreational vehicles. The wounded engine 686cc 4 stroke is fitted with a series of functionalities that do the job of supplying power for quick acceleration.

Can I pick specific suspension settings from the list as well?

Absolutely, it has an adjustable front and rear shock, to give riders freedom in choosing the settings that best suit their liking and riding conditions.

For what kind of races can it be used?

It is so, really, as this ATV is ideal for racing, and it has a lightweight frame and a strong engine.

About Yamaha

Yamaha is a cool company that makes awesome things like motorcycles, scooters, and musical instruments. Imagine riding a super cool bike or playing a guitar that sounds amazing – that’s the kind of stuff Yamaha creates!

They started a long time ago in Japan and became famous worldwide. It’s like they’re the rockstars of making things that go vroom or sound incredible. So, whether you’re dreaming of a fast ride or dreaming of becoming a music star, Yamaha is a name you’ll want to remember.


It has become a strong contender in the Sports category, which is fierce in the area of ATVs. Its incredible capacities, demonstrated through the podium and a track record of starting success further make it the choice for riders who not only want to ride but also to enjoy victory. 

The ride on the 2024 Yamaha YFZ 450R is beyond the usual, which gives access to new relationships with the terrain and brings the speed and control on the track to the rider’s side. The fact is that this model is not just a machine. It’s a catalyst for a heart-pounding adventure. It pushes boundaries and redefines the standards of off-road excellence.

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